Saturday, July 25, 2009

Luna Bars - Yummy, Nutritious, Organic!

From some of my previous posts, you can probably tell that I'm really into snack foods and meal replacement bars. It's not from lack of cooking, it's mainly for convenience when I'm having a busy week. Meal replacement bars allow me to get the nutrition I need in a convenient package.

This is the main reason I'm writing today. I discovered Luna Bars online and quite frankly, until that discovery, I hadn't heard about them. Since this time, I've seen them in the health and meal replacement section of several stores. On sale, these bars cost about $1 each and they all have under 300 calories.

What's great? They taste fabulous (I tried all three flavours available in Canada - Caramel Nut Brownie, Lemon Zest, and S'mores). They are made from 70% organic ingredients (always a bonus for me, but not really a requirement) and they are low in calories.

What's not so great? They are a little pricy and I find they don't keep me full for more than a few hours - usually this is fine because it coincides with my mid-morning break, but sometimes, I wish it would keep me going all morning until lunch. However, comparatively speaking, before finding these bars, if I consumed two granola bars, I think they would have a lower "fullness factor" than one of these bars (and be about the same calorie count).

At this point, I've decided that Luna Bars will be a new staple in my pantry for those busy, hectic mornings. I went to Target across the border (in the US) recently and found several more flavors and a box of 6 for $5 - what a steal - I bought 6 boxes and will make sure to add this to my list of things to buy on future trips across the border.

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