Monday, July 20, 2009

GOGO Quinoa

As part of my interest in good, whole foods, I recently turned my interest to GoGo Quinoa (I pronounce it "kin-wah"). A few years ago I was at a cooking demonstration and the chef prepared a rice dish and substituted half the rice with quinoa. Since this time, I have actively tried to use quinoa in my diet. When I make rice, I try to incorporate Quinoa. It has a great texture and adds a lot of nutrients to any rice dish (it has a much higher protein and mineral level than rice and other grains).

GoGo Quinoa has created many gluten free products from quinoa that provide much of the same benefit of regular quinoa. I tried soup, flakes, and even pasta and puffs. I used the flakes in a simple apple crisp and the results were great. In fact, unlike oatmeal, quinoa flakes don't get "gummy". This kept the crisp delicious for several days. I think I have found a permanant oatmeal substitute for crisps!

GoGo Quinoa also makes a dried soup product which was tasty and comparable to other dried soup products - only gluten free and with the nutrition of quinoa. The pasta fooled my husband who is a pasta snob so I consider that a hit. Finally, the puffs were light and similar to rice puffs. I added these to other cold cereals for added texture.

I've seen some GoGo Quinoa products in some stores but they can also be ordered online. The only real downside to GoGo Quinoa is the high price. But for anyone who has bought even generic quinoa in the past will know, this is a higher priced grain so the cost of the pasta and other unique products should not be a surprise.

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Anonymous said...

Does the soup contain rice- i have boughten it -due to so many of my allergies but rice is the number 1 on my list- so do u ahppen to know if it contains rice-including those pastas in it??