Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Healing Source Hemp Products

I really like the Healing Source Hemp Products website and their products are excellent!

Over the past few weeks, I have tried Healing Source Hemp Hearts and Hemp Bars and I was impressed. I also shared these products with several discerning friends with rave reviews.

When I first offer a friend a taste of a Healing Source Hemp Bar, the first reaction was always confusion. "What's really in this?" or "This seems very healthful" are common reactions. I'll admit, when I first laid eyes on the hemp bars, this was my first thought as well. But like all skeptics, we are soon shown our place upon tasting these delightful treats. The chocolate is very high quality and the hemp seeds marry well with the dark chocolate coating. The range of toppings is outstanding - something for everyone.

As with the Hemp Bars from Hemp Hollow, these bars have similar packaging and are also each 200g. This makes them quite large for one person but great for sharing.

I've also tried the Healing Source Hemp Hearts. I've managed to "hide" these in muffins and cookies. The great thing about hemp hearts is that they are easily incorporated into baking and I found that it really made muffins and cookies more filling! I think that hemp hearts, like the bars, are so nutritionally packed that they stave off hunger for long periods of time.

When I made my breakfast cookies with Hemp Hearts, they were so filling that I forgot about lunch until late in the afternoon - talk about filling!

There are a lot natural foods that are beneficial to incorporate into your diet, but I found that hemp helps digestion in a noticable way. If you are concerned about digestive health, I would recommend incorporating Healing Source Hemp products in your diet. Right now, they are offering a 15% discount for first time orders.

I really hope that in the future, Hemp products become more readily available at local grocery stores because I find they have very real benefits. Since you only need a few tablespoons a day, these can last quite a while so the overall investment is not prohibitive for most people.

Happy Hemping!!

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Aron Feuer said...

Thanks for the review - I just ordered the bars and look forward to seeing if they stave off the hunger of my growing horde of boys. Will you share your breakfast cookie recipe?