Monday, June 15, 2009

Jamie's School Dinners - now transforming America's eating habits

I finally finished watching all of Jamie's School Dinners and I have to say, I still love Jamie Oliver. He has such a great personality and through this series, viewers really got to see his heart on his sleeve. From the beginning of watching this show, and seeing children unable to identify asparagus, rhubarb and other fresh foods, I was reminded that healthful eating starts at home.

On the show, Jamie did try to transform some families to include more healthful food options but the focus was on school dinners.

Recently, I read a report that Jamie will be teaming up with Ryan Seacrest to try and transform the eating habits of America's fattest cities. I can't wait to see it. With Jamie's passion and determination, I really hopes he can make it a success.

I remember watching Jamie on "the Naked Chef" and I always had a soft spot for him. Best of luck on your endeavor Jamie! You are truly an amazing chef and activist for healthful foods.

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