Friday, June 5, 2009

Hemp Hollow

Hemp Hollow sells hemp seeds, bars, and other hemp products. There are several different types of hemp bars available - all contain hemp seeds and dark chocolate with your choice of topping. The toppings range from nuts to dried fruits.

The bars - these bars are each 200g which is very large. Half of a bar can be used as a meal replacement but I found that a quarter of a bar made a really tasty treat - especially in the afternoon at work. The chocolate used in these bars belies the fact that hemp bars are extremely nutritious and provide a complete balance of nutrition for a meal. The only drawback to the hemp bars is their large size. I wish these came packaged about 1/4 of the size because I prefer smaller snacks. The upside of the large sized bar is that it was great for sharing.

The minimum order for Hemp Hollow's hemp bars is 4 but you can choose a different topping for each bar. The price for a case is $21.49 on sale now!

If you go to the Hemp Hollow website now, you can sign up to be entered in a draw to win a year's supply of hemp seeds. Hemp seeds can be incorporated into any baking and can be sprinkled on cereal and oatmeal to add a boost to your daily breakfast.

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