Friday, September 18, 2009

The CNE - "food" with a side of hearburn and indigestion

OK - so I haven't been to the CNE for some time. I went this year with high expecations for food and hoping to discover some delicious treats.

I was sorely disappointed! The food building - having several different vendors selling everything from $.99 pasta (yummy - cardboard) to staples like H.Salt Fish and Chips (greasy, greasy, greasy) to dim sum (big mistake) failed completely to impress me.

The International Pavillion has a few food offers but nothing new and exciting. In the Arts & Crafts building there were a few artisan food vendors and they had some interesting offers but most of these I can find at Fair November in Guelph (without the price of admission).

The most interesting thing I found at the CNE this was lip balm labz. They offered lip balm (made on site) in any two of several flavours for a measly $2. It was a great deal and the lip balm is quite nice too. This company is not selling online yet, but hopefully, they'll be up and running soon - I can't wait to tell everyone I know about this site!

So all in all, while the CNE food experience was a bust, I was happy to find a Canadian company offering a good product at a great price!

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