Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Morning Breakfast - Coyote Pancakes

Once a week or once every two weeks, I really like to do a big breakfast for my husband and myself. Sometimes we invite family over to partake in this tasty ritual.

This weekend, I tried Coyote Pancakes for a crowd! Coyote Pancake mix can be difficult to find in stores but their website lists all the locations that carry the mix.

Why use a pancake mix at all? There are two reasons I really like pancake mixes: 1 - convenience, 2 - good combination of ingredients with NO SUGAR! Most regular pancake mixes you find at the store from large retailers contain a lot of indescribable ingredients and/or lots of sugar so whatever you buy, be sure to read the ingredients. For me, one of the pitfalls I fall into when making pancakes from scratch is that I often add sugar (even though it may be not be required) because part of me thinks that with all these grains, some sugar is required.

Nutritional Information:
each serving contains - 4g of fibre, 130-140 calories (depending on the variety) and no cholesterol or sugar added!

Original, Buttermilk, and Flax Seed

Now the most important - TASTE!

This morning I woke up bright and early and made all three varieties of pancakes for a family crowd. I added 1 cup of milk and 1 egg for each cup of pancake mix. The instructions suggest that you can add 1 tablespoon of sugar but omitted that since we had real maple syrup.

All three varieties cooked up nice and fluffy. The taste and texture was great. I was worried because there was no oil needed but with a non-stick pan, I didn't have any issues.

Everyone loved the pancakes - to be honest, I was worried that that Flax variety would be a flop so I only made a few of these, but I was wrong. Everyone loved the pancakes. I even got my husband to eat the flax pancakes without complaint. My husband hates flax and won't eat anything if I put flax in it so this was a welcome surprise.

But the pancakes, the taste, and breakfast aside, there is something very unique about Coyote Pancakes - their creators. Coyote Pancakes are made by the Hutterite Colony in Alberta, Canada. They are a self sufficient religious colony and information can be found about them here. I think it's very important to support small businesses and the community spirit of the Hutterites is reason enough for me to support Coyote Pancakes. Right now, these pancakes are only available in Canada, but hopefully they will break into the US market. I believe in supporting small businesses so I really hope Coyote Pancakes thrives!


Anonymous said...

East or West Coyote pancakes are Best.
If you Howl while cooking he pancakes they rise better and are more fluffy.The kids can help with the Howl.
Charlie from Vulcan

JenniferBarrette_Designs said...

Had these for breakfast this morning, so yummy!

Anonymous said...

Bought a package to try. At $13.99 it's pretty expensive. Pancakes were heavy, gritty, tasted terrible. Thew the rest out. I notice the company website no longer exists.

Carol Kodner said...

We thought the pancakes were as good as any we had ever eaten, and the waffles we made with it were terrific. Our problem is that we live in New Jersey (U.S.) and haven't found a way to get them here.

CanadianChef said...

Hey Anonymous- Their website is still up Just had some of these this morning. They were pretty good!

Anonymous said...

Just tried my butter milk ones. They are HORRIBLE! Its hard to even eat them. They were thick and heavy and dense, also, they weren't even a bit sweet and so salty that even bread would taste sweeter. I instantly threw them away!