Sunday, May 10, 2009

CBC - The Great Food Revolution - Part 3

Yesterday I saw part 3 of The Great Food Revolution. The focus of this part of the series was on how New York produces food. With a city of over 8 million people in a land covered in pavement, it was fascinating to see the people behind the scenes in food production.

The documentary took a look at the night workers who toil through the night to feed new york - these include food distributors, bakers, farmers, and fish wholesalers. The competition at the food terminal and fish market is cut-throat - buyers who know how to negotiate and sellers who know their competition.

It's amazing to see the night activity in the quest to feed New York City.

I encourage all foodies out there to go to and check out The Great Food Revolution - it's a good look at the other side of food. I feel like watching this series gives me an inside look at how the food industry works - I can't wait to see part 4 next week.

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