Sunday, May 10, 2009

Actifry - "deep fried" without the fat?

I was looking around the Internet today to look for healthful store bought chips - ones that are baked but still taste great. Then I came across what could be the best invention for fryers that I have ever seen - Tefal Actifry.

The premise of this invention is that you can have fried food (crispy, tasty, flavourful) without the oil. In fact, from the promotional materials, apparently only one spoonful of oil is required to "fry" 1kg of food. To me, this sounds too good to be true.

Right now, Actifry seems to only be in the UK and Australia, but I'm eager to see when it will be offered in Canada. I will keep you updated on Actifry so watch this spot to see when it will be available in Canada. I'm still skeptical that this invention will really work, but if it does, Actifry will be a revolution in deep fried foods.

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