Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The GoodFoodFestival – Calling All FOODIES!

This weekend is the 17th annual Good Food Festival and Market. This year, there will be over 150 FREE cooking lessons, food talks and demos. My taste buds are already tingling!

The Dairy Farmers of Canada are hosting the “Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich Contest”.  I think that I make a mean grilled cheese but I can’t wait to see these creations.

There will be celebrity food experts to share their wisdom on the Get Cooking Canada Stage. But what really gets me going is the availability of the hottest food items of the season – including Himalayan salts, gluten-free goodies, probiotics, safe and nutritious pet foods, planet-safe packaging options, anti-aging & disease-fighting natural products and remedies!

See the website for hours and details.

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