Friday, February 6, 2009

Mum's Original Hemp Protein and Hemp Seeds

This is the final installment of the superfood, Hemp. Mum's Original Hemp products include hempseed, hemp protein, probiotic bars, and hemp oil.

The packaging for Mum's products is much more flashy and inviting than the other products I have reviewed. The packaging is more mainstream and appealing - it was so appealing, I didn't even want to open the packages at first (maybe I have issues :)). Mum's products contain highly digestible fibre, protein, and essential fatty acids including Omega 3 and 6.

As I've mentioned in my previous posts about hemp and hemp protein, it's so easy to incorporate into your diet, it's silly. I added the protein to my baking because it was so easy to do. By sneaking this into my usual baking, I feel better about what I'm serving because of the added nutrients without "making the food taste healthful".

Mum's original also offers probiotic bars which I haven't personally tried, but I think they would be an even easier way to incorporate hemp into your diet. Right now, I'm not sure where this can be bought online, but bookmark the Mum's Original website because online ordering should be available soon.

Keep an eye on this blog because I will be posting some recipes as I have time that contain hemp - you're kids or spouse won't even notice it's good for them!


Garin Kilpatrick said...
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Garin Kilpatrick said...

Hey I just wanted to say I totally agree with you, Hemp is a superfood, and Mum's original is awesome. I bought some hempseed and ate the entire package way faster than I anticipated, and now I can't wait to get some more.

Apparently there will be an online store selling this soon at This online store is not yet functional, but I anticipate it will be soon.

I'll keep my eye on this blog for those hemp recipes you mentioned!



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